En Fuego Construction LLC
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About us

In 2012 we made a decision to start a small Carpentry company. Owners Dave Lester and George McKinley have over 50 years' experience in framing single family homes. We have a collective passion and enthusiasm to get the job done safely, correctly and on schedule. With a clear vision of a company that has a core of skilled professionals that will deliver consistently a high quality framed house at a competitive price.

Core values
Top quality
At EN FUEGO, we are committed to taking pride in our work and producing top quality framed houses that meets or exceeds the builder's expectations by doing it right the first time.
Attention to detail
Attention to detail to provide the consistent quality that will set us apart from others. By understanding the end in mind before we start each project we can ensure that the houses we frame are done per plan the first time saving time and money.
At En Fuego, we put Safety first. Our commitment to safety of our employees goes far beyond compliance with OSHA requirements. We recognize that the protection of our employees, our property, the public, and the environment is essential to the efficient and successful completion of every construction project we undertake. Safety is more than a priority at En Fuego: we consider it a core value. Our employees understand that safety is not something we do in addition to the work, It’s how we do the work. Our 1st goal is to have everyone go home from work as they came to work healthy.

Our Employees

We have some of the most experienced individuals in Tucson. Our Employees give us an advantage as many of them are well-known individuals by top Tucson corporations. They strive for the excellence in every house built.